About Us

Beyond the Rooftops is a program of Camp Oakhurst for the youth of at-risk neighborhoods. This program is free for youth who would otherwise never be able to experience camp without our donors.

Beyond the Rooftops is a collaborative effort with local community outreach churches embedded in at-risk neighborhoods. We rely on the local church to invite the youth to a free Christian camp at Camp Oakhurst – where we collaborate in teaching the Bible, sharing the gospel, building relationships, and giving the kids an incredible experience. The church relationship is vital to the success of these youth as they return from the mountain back into their community. With their newly formed relationship in Christ and new church community – they have a place to go rather than back onto the streets.

Beyond the Rooftops is currently serving the city of Watts, CA exclusively in partnership with Hope Central Watts. We hope with your prayer and support that we can expand to reach other youth for Christ.

For more information on Camp Oakhurst or statement of faith, visit: https://www.campoakhurst.org/